NEW: Rivalry in Music: Callas vs. Tebaldi

Two divas in musical rivalry...

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Laura Wilkinson — Narrator

Peter Clark

Fred Plotkin

Tom Wolf

Franco Pulcini

Carla Maria Casanova

Giovanna Lomazzi

René de Ceccatty

Ferruccio Mezzadri

Renata Tebaldi

Maria Callas

Program notes

This fascinating documentary, the first of three in a riveting series, explores the storied rivalry between the two greatest postwar opera divas and two diametrically opposed personalities: Renata Tebaldi, with a pure voice and an angelic air; and Maria Callas, dramatic and wild, nickamed "The Tigress."

When Callas came to the Metropolitan Opera in 1968, it was not to perform but to hear Tebaldi, a challenger for the title of greatest singer alive. Not wanting to share the limelight, the two motivated artists butted heads—or at least, that's how popular media would portray their rapport, then and for years to come. How can we separate the truth from the legend? Experts like Peter Clarke, Director of Archives for the Met Opera, shines a light on the two legends' tumultuous relationship, which holds an air of great intrigue and mystery even today.

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