Josef Nadj, Words on Dance

Centre chorégraphique national d'Orléans

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Josef Nadj — Choreographer

Program notes

In 1995, Josef Nadj entered the Centre chorégraphique national in Orleans. The choreographer, who was born in Serbia in 1957 received a varied and rich education: as a child, he draws, wrestles, and studies music, sports and chess. When he grew up, he studied art history and music, with a strong interest for photography as well. When the comes to France in 1980 he adds tai-chi, butö and contact dance to his skills…

This movies juxtaposes interviews and moments of dance allows us to discover the work of the choreographer who defines himself as a craftsman who forges the movement of his dancer day after day. He is a craftsman, and a linguist on top of that! Josef Nadj constructs a universe of signs while he search endlessly for the new possibilities in the gestures and in their variations. Those signs become obvious naturally, and they do not have to feature explicit symbols. This dance opens to a new dimension for the introspection of human kind and its relation with space and the environments created. Josef Nadj, in a very humble way, asks simple questions and brings infinity of answers. The choreographies created mirror a great sensitivity and a deep emotion.

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