The Unknown Fiddler of Santa Barbara

A portrait of violinist Gilles Apap by Bruno Monsaingeon

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Gilles Apap — Violinist

François Apap — Bassoonist

Hubert Apap — Hornist

Jean-Marc Apap — Violist

Nina Bodnar — Violinist

Chris Judge — Guitarist

Theo Saunders — Fortepianist

Michael Stephans — Drummer

Chris Symer — Bass guitarist

Jim Wimmer — Violinist

Peter Feldmann

Michael Mendelson — Violinist

Tom Wolverton — Banjo

Chris Judge — Guitarist

Brendan Statom — Double bassist

Suzanne Barrymore — Violist

George Hoff — Cellist

Program notes

Discover the fascinating violinist Gilles Apap through the lens of the legendary documentarian Bruno Monsaingeon, creator of many of the greatest classical music features ever made. "The first time I heard Gilles Apap play," says Monsaingeon, "I had the extraordinary feeling that the music, a Bartók sonata, had been written just for him. The composer was guiding his hands." Straight away, he decided to turn his celebrated camera on this singular interpreter, little known by the public at large but amply worth discovering, in The Unknown Fiddler of Santa Barbara (1993).

Apap is an artist of striking brilliance whose insatiable zest for life comes out in his music: his playing, spontaneous and ebullient, is also technically faultless (he calls himself "a slave to music"). Throughout his discussions with Monsaingeon, as well as archival footage from concerts, rehearsals, and lessons, you'll love learning more about this luminous, generous musician whose personality and talent know no limits.

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