Haydn Today

With René Jacobs and Martin Sauer

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Julia Kleiter — Soprano

Maximilian Schmitt — Tenor

Johannes Weisser — Bass

Petra Müllejans — Violinist

Gottfried von der Goltz — Violinist

Amihai Grosz — Violist

Kyril Zlotnikov — Cellist

Jerusalem Quartet

Freiburg Baroque Orchestra

René Jacobs — Conductor

Program notes

A very interesting documentary on the various ways of performing Joseph Haydn's music over two hundred years after his death.

What meaning has Haydn's music today? What is the legacy of the great composer, two centuries later? To answer those questions, Nayo Titzin attended three recording sessions of real passionate musicians.

The Jerusalem String Quartet, founded in 1993 under the direction of Ava Abramovitch, plays in the world's greatest concert halls. It meets the Freiburger Barockorchester, the reference ensemble for baroque music lovers. Under the guidance of Grammy Award winner René Jacobs, those talented musicians are preparing together a record dedicated to the Austrian master, and produced by Martin Sauer (also a recipient of the prestigious Grammy Award).

In this documentary, you will hear the Violin Concerto No. 1 in C Major, the Symphony No. 49 in F Minor known as "La Passione," the Oratorio The Creation and some of Haydn's best-known string quartets. The instrumentalists relate their personal relationships with those scores that are full of humanity, and sometimes even wit and humour. This movie reveals how still today, Haydn is considered one of the key-players in the development of the classical style of many musical forms, from the symphony to the sonata and the quartet.

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