Glenn Gould, Hereafter

"More than a legendary figure..."

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Glenn Gould — Pianist

Program notes

Unknown treasures, amazing witnesses: Glenn Gould, yet again!

After having made seven films on Glenn Gould, Bruno Monsaingeon signed a masterpiece with Beyond Time. Yet the task was a difficult one: after hundreds of hours of film on the Canadian pianist since his death in 1982, dozens of biographies and theses on him, what more could there be to say?

Monsaingeon, the person in the world who undoubtedly knows Glenn Gould best started to look for footage that had never been seen before among the many rushes of his own films. And he found a treasure-trove. But what more could there be to say? Talk about the question of Gould's genius in its totality, something that had never been done. But how? Glenn Gould talks about himself (through the voice of Mathieu Amalric, excellent!), with as a counterpoint, real characters who are mad about Gould (like there are people who are mad about God) who talk directly to Gould and to Bruno Monsaingeon who acts as a witness.

The whole forms a polyphony in which the voices answer one another in echoes. Not to mention Nick (Glenn's dog), Arnold Schoenberg (his boat), and Yehudi Menuhin in the role of the contradictor...

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