The Orchestra – Claudio Abbado and the musicians of the Orchestra Mozart

The conductor's last great musical adventure

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Orchestra Mozart

Claudio Abbado — Conductor

Program notes

This film revolves around Claudio Abbado's last great musical adventure: the Orchestra Mozart. It gives insights into the private life of orchestral musicians and the profound works and projects of a great Maestro.

In this documentary, musicians of the prestigious Orchestra Mozart are followed during their 2013 European tour. The Mozart Orchestra was founded in Bologna (Italy) over ten years ago, in 2004, by Claudio Abbado.

The Orchestra brings together the best classical music performers in the world by mixing young promising instrumentalists and well established solo artists. Among them: Johani Gonzales, a young double bass player coming from one of the worst slums in Caracas and the famous German trumpeter Reinhold Friedrich. The documentary, following the Orchestra Mozart's European tour during the 2012-2013 season, offers a unique and favourite glance on Abbado's work and on classical music players' job nowadays. The film narrates, both from a musical and a human point of view, the public and the private life of a group of musicians: Maria Francesca Latella, Federica Vignoni, Lucas Navarro, Alois Posh, Reinhold Friedrich, Alessio Allegrini, Johani Gonzales. The documentary includes a long and unreleased interview with Claudio Abbado and concerts and rehearsals shot in Bologna, Lucerne, Vienna, Madrid and Palermo.

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