A Tribute To Vienna With The Philharmonics

Johann Strauss Waltzes arranged by Schoenberg, Berg and Webern

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The Philharmonics

Tibor Kováč — First violin

Shkëlzen Doli — Second violin

Thilo Fechner — Alto

Stephan Koncz — Cellist

Ödön Rácz — Double bassist

Walter Auer — Flutist

Daniel Ottensamer — Clarinetist

František Jánoška — Pianist

Christoph Traxler — Pump organ

Program notes

In the famous Café Sperl in Vienna, the musicians of The Philharmonics give visitors a concert in the colours of the traditional Vienna, with the rhythm of the waltzes composed by Johann Strauss II, arranged by three famous Viennese composers: Schoenberg, Berg and Webern.

Founded by musicians of the philharmonic orchestras of Vienna and Berlin, The Philharmonics explore works from various repertoires from modern composers to popular musics, with an energy and a virtuosity that charm varied audiences.

This original concert – to taste with a coffee – highlights the "king of waltz" Johann Strauss II, unveiled here through arrangements by Schoenberg, Berg and Webern. Works by Fritz Kreisler, Leopold Godowsky and Tibor Kováč are also performed, enhancing the historical Vienna and popular themes.

The concert reminds us of the Society for Private Musical Performances founded in 1918 by Arnold Schoenberg whose students Berg and Webern were part of the project. The aim of this society was to educate audiences to listen to and understand new music in a private context.

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