The 12 Cellists of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra in Moscow

From the First Moscow International Cello Festival

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Dávid Adorján — Cellist

Andreas Grünkorn — Cellist

Solène Kermarrec — Cellist

Martin Menking — Cellist

David Riniker — Cellist

Dietmar Schwalke — Cellist

Richard Duven — Cellist

Christoph Igelbrink — Cellist

Olaf Maninger — Cellist

Ludwig Quandt — Cellist

Nikolaus Römisch — Cellist

Knut Weber — Cellist

Program notes

A spotlight on cellos! At the first international cello competition in Moscow, twelve cellists from the Berliner Philharmoniker perform for the first time on the stage of the prestigious Great Hall of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow.

"Die 12" are brilliant cellists of one of the most prestigious orchestras around the world, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra who originally gathered to create a solo group of musicians. Their purpose was to explore jewels of a wide repertoire, from classical to popular works, in addition to works especially dedicated to them. This unique ensemble internationally acclaimed has already stirred great enthusiasm of audiences, with its virtuosity and lively art to perform varied repertoires.

All the beauty and depth of the cello appears during this tasty and fascinating concert. The bows of the cellists give a new light to the "classics". Indeed they perform it sometimes with lyricism, sometimes with humour, always with an incredible sense of musical unity. The concert is divided into two parts: the first one on the theme of "Angel Dances" and the second on the theme of "Dance around the World". They also perform tango themes with arrangements of works by Ástor Piazzolla, jazz themes with the unique style of works composed by Gershwin. They also perform works by Debussy, Verdi and Fauré with his famous Pavane. Last but not least, the end of this concert is a surprise...

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