A Stravinsky Journey — With Michael Tilson Thomas

New World Symphony

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New World Symphony

Michael Tilson Thomas — Conductor

Program notes

The great Michael Tilson Thomas leads us on a Stravinsky Journey, a look back at one of the most important composers of the twentieth century through three milestone works! We begin at the end with a twelve-tone homage to writer Aldous Huxley—the final orchestral work of Stravinsky's storied career—which leads into the wartime Symphony in Three Movements (1946), the first of his works to premiere in his adopted America. Capping the night is the 1947 reorchestration of Petrushka, his strikingly original 1911 ballet that, for Richard Taruskin, marked the point where “Stravinsky at last became Stravinsky” decades earlier in Paris.

Tilson Thomas, who worked personally with Stravinsky before his death, knows the composer’s work intimately. For this singularly exciting journey, we—and the New World Symphony Orchestra, which MTT founded in 1987 and which grants fellowships to upcoming musicians—could not be in better hands.

A closer look: composers and works

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