Philip Glass revisits his Music with Changing Parts, conducted by Michael Riesman

Philip Glass and the Philip Glass Ensemble with Students from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and San Francisco Girls Chorus

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Michael Riesman — Music Director

Philip Glass Ensemble

Dan Bora — Philip Glass Ensemble live sound design

Jon Gibson — Philip Glass Ensemble woodwinds

Peter Hess — Philip Glass Ensemble woodwinds

Ryan Kelly — Philip Glass Ensemble onstage audio engineer

Nelson Padgett — Philip Glass Ensemble keyboards

Mick Rossi — Philip Glass Ensemble keyboards

Andrew Sterman — Philip Glass Ensemble woodwinds

Students from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Robert Lau Giambruno — Trumpeter

Nikki Hillis — Trombonist

Seung Jeon — Flutist

Brett A. Kelly — Tenor trombone

Erika Miras — Hornist

Kyle Pompei — Hornist

Program notes

Philip Glass revisits his early work Music with Changing Parts in a historic concert at Carnegie Hall!

One of the most influential composers of the 20th and 21st centuries, American composer Philip Glass has inspired generations of contemporary composers and musicians with his pioneering style of music deemed as minimalism. As the Carnegie Hall Richard and Barbara Debs Composer Chair for the 2017-18 season, Glass will be honored with a series of programming featuring his works throughout 2018.

Premiered in New York City in 1970, Music with Changing Parts is one of Glass’ earliest compositions and a pioneering work of the minimalist movement. Constructed of short modules that can be repeated at the discretion of the performers, the piece has an open structure and can last anywhere from one to two hours. The current performance presents the work in a newly revised version.

As Glass explains, "by enlarging the original score with a brass and vocal ensemble, I was able to bring the music to a fuller and more definitive expression. For me, this presentation of Music with Changing Parts is a richer version of the music and a more satisfying completion of the original idea."

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Concert Produced by Pomegranate Arts, Inc.
Linda Brumbach, Founder

Photo: Philip Glass © Raymond Meier

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