The Orpheus Chamber Orchestra plays Rossini, Haydn, Dvořák and Bartók

At the Schloss Heidecksburg

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Gil Shaham — Violinist

Orpheus Chamber Orchestra

Program notes

The Orpheus Chamber Orchestra presents a program of works by Rossini, Haydn, Bartók and Dvořák.

When it was founded in 1972 by a group of accomplished New York musicians, the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra represented a new kind of classical ensemble: an orchestra without a conductor, in which every member participated in the decision-making process and helped direct the ensemble's creative output. As one musician described it: "When you have an orchestra with a conductor, it's always leashed. In Orpheus, the energy that's there doesn't get leashed. It's there, and it starts to go." Today, the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra has attained global recognition, defining new standards of musical excellence. The ensemble has won countless awards, including a Grammy Award, and its musicians have flourishing careers. Its educational initiative seeks to train future generations of musicians in their method of musical collaboration.

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