I Solisti Veneti play Vivaldi's Four Seasons

With Claudio Scimone

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Lucio Degani — Violinist

Chiara Parrini — Violinist

I Solisti Veneti

Claudio Scimone — Conductor

Program notes

Few works are more widely known and loved than this collection of violin concertos that so masterfully evoke bucolic splendor and the sounds of the seasons. Hear them resound inside (and outside) the walls of the stunning villas of Maser, Foscari, Valmarana ai Nani, Contarini, and Caldogno, interpreted with the grace and refinement typical of I Solisti Veneti, indispensable exponents of Vivaldi’s work since the mid-20th century.

Composed by the “Red Priest” Antonio Lucio Vivaldi (a reference to his hair color), the Four Seasons continue to enchant listeners even more than 300 years after their composition. The sumptuous décor of this immersive audiovisual production enhances the timeless music: while you listen, admire the frescos and ceilings, columns and sculptures of these fabulous Veneto villas, many of them UNESCO World Heritage Sites!

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