250 years of the Royal Opera of Versailles

May 16, 1770, Versailles. The marriage between the future King of France, Louis XVI, and Marie Antoinette of Austria called for a celebration of the highest order—hence the inauguration of the Royal Opera of Versailles, one of the most luxurious and prestigious opera houses ever built.

250 years later, we remember the treasures from a time of opulence and excess that shine the brightest today: the dazzling operatic masterpieces by Cavalli, Lully, and Rameau that expertly blended mythology, history, and allegory.

To discover the musical universe that animated the gardens and salons of Versailles and influenced generations to come, dive into this playlist of Baroque masterworks—with orchestral and chamber music, opera and dance, and eye-opening documentaries that will fully immerse you in the splendor of the era.