Bernstein takes us inside the music: Omnibus

The cultural hit TV show of the '50s returns to the screen on!

In honor of the great Leonard Bernstein's birthday, revisit his iconic episodes of the series Omnibus!

Omnibus, the 1950s cultural phenomenon that aired on ABC, CBS, and NBC, is back on your screen! This hit program, launched by the Ford Foundation as a way of improving Americans' cultural knowledge, quickly drew a massive following and won multiple awards, including no fewer than seven Emmys. It was the prime spot for the brilliant Bernstein to make his first televised appearance—and over the course of seven celebrated episodes, he presented the basics of classical music with humor and simplicity. Classical neophytes, this is the show for you! And longtime music lovers, it's for you too: we never tire of Bernstein's charismatic onstage presence, total lack of pretense, and oratory skill. Let him be your knowledgeable guide through Beethoven's Fifth, the music of Bach, opera, or jazz!