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In general, pianists become legendary long after their death: think of Moiseiwitsch, Godowsky, Cortot…On the other hand, piano virtuoso Martha Argerich achieved this status immediately after triumphing at the Geneva International Music Competition in 1957, at just 16 years old! Her fame and exceptional reputation have far from faded over time and were actually nourished by an inexhaustible talent that turned Martha into a true icon of the piano! On, the finest platform for streaming classical music, we have curated the most significant concerts from the career of the virtuoso pianist Martha Argerich for you. You will have the opportunity to virtually take a front-row seat in moments that have marked the history of her career and, consequently, of classical music. Follow piano legend Martha Argerich through the decades and discover how a genius matures: from the videos of the '70s—when she commanded the keyboard with her everlasting enthusiasm and virtuosity—to the extraordinary collaborations with conductors, from archival interviews to documentaries about her life to much more! With, you will bear witness to history from the comfort of your own home!

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"I've just watched a program called Big Brother... All those exhibitionists who want their private lives to be filmed. But I said, this isn't for me!", declared virtuoso pianist Martha Argerich in the 2002 documentary by Georges Gachot titled Martha Argerich: Evening Talks - which you can find in this unique playlist. Piano legend Martha Argerich is, above all and beyond her fame, a musician. It's her inexhaustible talent that drives her to perform, despite her shyness, as if it were a calling she cannot resist. The moment of tension before each of her concerts has become proverbial, with the pianist pacing before her entry and gathering her courage before striding across the stage with determination and diving onto the piano, as if it were an anchor of salvation or an extension of her own body. But when piano virtuoso Martha Argerich starts to play, it's pure magic! Charles Dutoit, her companion for five years, said of her: "She has colossal abilities...but she's a bit lazy. She loves life, she's interested in other things, and she's not a fanatic about the concert pianist career. All of this, combined with a kind of child prodigy frustration, creates a sort of conflict between her duty as an international concert pianist and her genuine desire to do it." But it's within the framework of this contradiction that piano legend Martha Argerich's genius is measured: all of her emotion filters through an unrivaled musical capacity, and every vibration of her heart resonates in interpretations that are never repeated! This is Argerich's signature, a grandiose trait that oscillates between the rigor and freedom of genius. On, you can learn more about her history and personality through unique documentaries, such as Bloody Daughter, a biographical film narrated by the voice of Stéphanie Kovacevich, the daughter of the piano legend Martha Argerich. Perhaps due to her reserved nature, the pianist has chosen to forgo performing alone on stage, except on very rare occasions. Instead, she prefers to surround herself with friends, prioritizing chamber music performances, such as duets with her friend Daniel Barenboim, concerts with cellist Mischa Maisky, or with violinist Gidon Kremer, along with many other leading artists. You can easily find all these renowned musicians in this playlist, exclusively on, the best platform for streaming classical music! For many years, alongside her career as a concert pianist, piano virtuoso Martha Argerich has been dedicated to supporting the new generation of pianists, offering her fame and prestige to spotlight a new generation of musicians. In 2001, she founded the "Progetto Martha Argerich" in Lugano, where she gathers with longtime friends and young talents. She is also a regular presence at the renowned Verbier Festival, where in 2011, piano legend Martha Argerich was honored with a concert featuring esteemed artists like Khatia Buniatishvili, Gautier and Renaud Capuçon, Ivry Gitlis, Nelson Goerner, and Yuja Wang! Today, thanks to, you can relive the emotions of these moments whenever and wherever you want!

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The solo concerts of piano virtuoso Martha Argerich are events that are both rare and anticipated. After all, magnificence and rarity are part of the exceptional nature of miracles, and Martha Argerich performs true wonders on the piano! Only she is capable of uniting innate, spontaneous talent for interpretation with a formal perfection that has certainly matured over the years. Moreover, as Daniel Barenboim has said, "Only the greatest artists are able to maintain the freshness of discovery with the depth of thoughtfulness. Martha Argerich is one of them." Today on, you can relive the most celebrated performances of piano virtuoso Martha Argerich, including her 1977 appearance with the London Symphony Orchestra, when the Argentinian pianist interpreted Prokofiev's Piano Concerto No. 3 in a performance destined to go down in history! Alternatively, you can discover her more recent performances, like her collaboration with Lahav Shani at the Konzerthaus Dortmund in 2023. On, you have the opportunity to relive the greatest moments of her career, as well as observe the myriad facets of her unparalleled talent unravel over time! You can even compare her best performances and discover a thousand nuances of perfection: a prime example being piano legend Martha Argerich’s rendition of Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1, performed in 1977 and captured 37 years later at the Verbier Festival alongside Charles Dutoit. In the midst of it all lies the experience of a career spent on the stages of the world's finest classical concert halls. Concert halls that today, thanks to, the world's best platform for classical music, can be comfortably attended from your own home. So, what are you waiting for? Seize the opportunity to revisit the milestones that created an unparalleled legend: piano virtuoso Martha Argerich is waiting for you!