Trilogía sobre la guitarra (III/III) Vuelta a uno - by Rocío Molina, music by Yerai Cortés

National Theatre of Catalonia

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María Agar Martínez — Stage director

Nerea Galán — Concept

Julia Valencia — Artistic director, set and costume design

Antonio Serrano — Set designer, lighting

Javier Álvarez — Sound Director

Pablo Martin Jones — Sound Designer

López de Santos — Costumes

Gallardo Dance — Costumes

Elella del Toro — Costumes

Rocío Molina — Dancer, choreographer, artistic director, Concept

Yerai Cortés — Guitarist

Program notes

The Trilogía sobre la guitarra is a study in three parts on the guitar and its relationship with the fundamental elements of flamenco. In fact, the three works try to deconstruct the traditional features of the instrument, in order to discover the creative momentum that animates its playing. It is under the sign of authenticity, then, that Rocío Molina links every gesture of her body to the universality of the human experience. In Vuelta a uno, the third part of this immersive journey, Rocío Molina, taken by the guitar notes of Yerai Cortés, synthesizes and goes beyond the steps previously traversed. In fact, as in Inicio (Uno) and Al fondo riela (Lo Otro del Uno) she discovered respectively the ties that make us belong to a whole along with the individuality of every person, in Vuelta a uno she fuses these two perspectives, learning to say “us” instead of “I”. The relationship established by the dance with the music of Yerai Cortés then shows the acceptance of life, of our body, of our limits, to remind us of the joy of existence.

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