The Golden Age by Yuri Grigorovich, music by Shostakovich

Nina Kaptsova (Rita), Mikhail Lobukhin (Yashka)... – Bolshoi Ballet

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Yuri Grigorovich — Choreographer

Simon Virsaladze — Stage sets and costumes

Mikhail Sokolov — Lighting designer

Regina Nikiforova — Assistant choreographer

Andrey Melanin — Assistant choreographer

Nina Kaptsova — Rita

Ruslan Skvortsov — Boris

Mikhail Lobukhin — Yashka

Ekaterina Krysanova — Lyuska

Vyacheslav Lopatin — Variety Show Compere

Corps de Ballet du Théâtre du Bolchoï

Orchestra of the State Academic Bolshoi Theatre of Russia

Pavel Klinichev — Conductor

Program notes

Shostakovich’s 1930 ballet The Golden Age explores a satirical yet politically-charged scenario: a Soviet soccer team visits a Western capitalist country and allies itself with the native working class to overthrow the decadent and corrupt bourgeoisie.

Drawing on Western dance and music styles (including a carbonated Can-Can, an energetic Polka, and a humorous arrangement of Tea for Two), the work was initially censored by the Soviet regime. By the time the legendary director of the Bolshoi Theater’s Corps de Ballet Yuri Grigorovich created a new choreography for it in 1982, the ballet had cast off its earlier scandalous reputation, enabling him to refashion the work as an homage to a past golden age of Soviet glory. The filmed 2016 revival of Grigorovich’s 1982 version recreates this ambiance, with colorful roaring 20’s style flapper costumes and communist aesthetic-style sets featuring backdrops draped in glorious red fabrics.

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