Béjart's Bhakti, traditional Indian music

Paolo Bortoluzzi (Rama), Jorge Donn (Krishna), Germinal Casado (Shiva)...

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Maurice Béjart — Choreographer

Germinal Casado — Costume designer

Paolo Bortoluzzi — Rama

Hitomi Asakawa — Sita

Jorge Donn — Krishna

Tania Bari — Radha

Germinal Casado — Shiva

Maina Gielgud — Shakti

Le Ballet du XXe Siècle

Program notes

In 1969 Maurice Béjart took on his first project as a movie director with the task of capturing his choreography Bhakti on film. Along with ritual and philosophy, devotion ("bhatki") is one of the ways of communicating with the Divine and, Béjart’s work interprets these concepts through dance. Embodying three divine couples, six dancers are featured over the course of Bhakti’s three scenes. One by one, the scenes honor respectively the three most important Hindu deities—Krishna, Rama, and Shiva—and tell their love stories.

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