NEW VOD: Barbarian Nights by Hervé Koubi, music by Mozart, Fauré, Wagner, and Bodson with traditional Algerian tunes

"Evoking a million years of history through ballet"

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Hervé Koubi — Choreographer
Fayçal Hamlat — Assistant choreographer
Lionel Buzonie — Lighting designer
Guillaume Gabriel — Assistant choreographer, masks, costumes, Accessories
Claudine G-Delattre — Masks, costumes, Accessories
Lazhar Berrouag — Dancer
Adil Bousbara — Dancer
Mohammed Elhilali — Dancer
Abdelghani Ferradji — Dancer
Zakaria Ghezal — Dancer
Oualid Guennoun — Dancer
Bendehiba Maamar — Dancer
Giovanni Martinat — Dancer
Nadjib Meherhera — Dancer
Houssni Mijem — Dancer
Riad Mendjel — Dancer
Ismail Oubbajaddi — Dancer

Program notes

A French choreographer of Algerian descent, born to a Muslim mother and Jewish father, Hervé Koubi has long been fascinated by the historical coming together and coming apart of different groups, and the different vantage points from which history books have been written. In Les Nuits barbares, ou les premiers matins du monde (Barbarian Nights, or The First Mornings of the World), Koubi’s choreography questions the notion of “barbarism” while recounting the cultural history of the Mediterranean and the cycles of invasion and assimilation imposed on its peoples from within and without.

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Directed by:
Patrick Lauze
Venue: Théâtre National de Nice (Nice, France)
Production date: 2017
Duration: 1 h 4 min
Production: © Les Films Figures Libres
Resolution: Full HD