Evgeny Evgrafov


Evgeny Evgrafov was born in 2002. He is currently a 3rd-year student at the Gnessin State Musical College (Yuri Bogdanov’s piano class; Vladimir Dovgan’s composition class). He has performed concertos of Bach, Haydn, Beethoven, and Shostakovich on numerous occasions. Evgrafov has taken part in the Moscow Autumn festival and Young Musicians of Moscow Marking Sergei Slonimsky’s 85th Anniversary festival. Evgeny is a prize-winner of around 30 competitions, such as the Snowdrop Union of Moscow Composers Festival & Competition (2010, 2011, 2012, 2017), the 6th Artobolevskaya Young Pianists Competition (2012, 2nd prize), the International Competition & Festival Sberbank Debut 2013 (diploma and Denis Matsuev’s prize), 9th International Young Pianists Competition A Step Towards Mastery (2015, 1st prize and special prize for Scriabin’s music performance), the 7th International Piano Talents Competition (2017, Milan, 1st prize and special prize for Scriabin’s music performance), to name a few. Evgrafov has also written several piano pieces. He was a prize-winner at various competitions chaired by Alexander Tchaikovsky, Yuri Vorontsov, and Kirill Volkov.