Orchestre de Chambre de Paris


Honorary Music Director: John Nelson

The Ensemble orchestral de Paris was created in 1978 by the City of Paris as its only official chamber orchestra. John Nelson was its Music Director from 1998 to 2008.

Over the years the EOP has continued to develop and expand artistically and musically, with a wide repertoire of works from different periods. Based on a core size of 43 musicians, the orchestra is extremely versatile and can expand to perform many symphonic works, as well as the chamber orchestra repertoire.

As a conductor and Music Director of international stature, John Nelson’s personal touch enhanced this chamber orchestra’s reputation. He continued to work on developing a rich repertoire, covering nearly four centuries of music, from the greatest classics to contemporary works.

John Nelson’s world with the orchestra is entering an era of excellence that places it amongst the best chamber orchestras in the world. This position is being confirmed and broadened through the planning and implementation of an ambitious programme of international touring, large-scale artistic performances and recordings of CDs and DVDs.

In Paris, the orchestra has its own sold-out season concerts at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, as well as annual concerts at Notre Dame Cathedral, where it performs major choral works. The orchestra also appears each season at the Châtelet Musical Theatre and at the Paris Opera Garnier, where it takes part in opera productions.

Since its creation by Marcel Landowski, Roland Bourdin and Jean-Pierre Wallez, the EOP has gradually expanded its reputation beyond the City of Paris with increasingly important appearances on the international music scene as well as through internationally acclaimed recordings. Public and critical recognition have combined to raise the orchestra’s profile and create a platform for the orchestra’s continued development. Among the orchestra’s touring destinations are Austria, Korea, Greece, St Petersburg, Rome and Japan, as well as regular visits to venues throughout France.

The Ensemble Orchestral de Paris was founded in 1978 and various art directors of the ensemble have contributed to the specific tonal colour of the ensemble. With the help of its characteristic repertoire the ensemble is now deeply rooted in French music space. The repertoire of the Ensemble Orchestral de Paris comprises well-known classical works, famous and less known (especially French) works of the 19th and 20th centuries and modern music. The ensemble also engages in operas and special cycles of chamber music. Each year they traditionally perform a masterpiece of sacral music in a cathedral or a basilica.

En 2012, l'Ensemble orchestral de Paris becomes the "Orchestre de chambre de Paris" ("Paris Chamber Orchestra), in order to "confirm the orchestra's chamber culture" (Jean-Marc Bador, head of the Ensemble orchestral de Paris since 2008).