Мастер-класс Захара Брона: Концерт для скрипки Брамса

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Захар Брон — Преподаватель, скрипач

Вильде Франг — Скрипачка (student)

Ноа Бендикс-Балгли — Скрипач (student)

О программе

Talented Zakhar Bron performs one of the most brilliant works for violin ever written.

Zakhar Bron was born in Oral, Kazakhstan. At eight years old, he started to learn music in Russia's most prestigious music schools. He began he studies at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Moscou in 1966, under the direction of maestro Igor Oistrakh until 1971, and then started his teaching career as the assistant of Igor Oistrakh at the Conservatory until 1974. All along his career, he focused on teaching, at the Lübeck Academy, at the Royal Academy of Arts (London), at the Rotterdam Conservatory, and at the Queen Sofía College of Music (Madrid), where he still gives lessons today.

In this masterclass, he shows his pedagogical qualities, teaching the first two movements of Brahms's violin concerto. This Major score of the German Romantic repertoire distinguished itself with a very technical violin part, considered "almost unplayable." Brahms composed it for his friend Joseph Joachim, great violin virtuoso. Melodic richness and orchestral splendour have made of this work a really popular one, actually a masterpiece of the 19th century Viennese music.

The Masterclass Media Foundation archives offer to students and music lovers around the world filmed masterclasses, given by the best talents, on the greatest works of the classical repertoire. Their primary purpose is to provide a valuable educational resource in order to perpetuate passion and knowledge from one generation to another.

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