Theo Croker in Zurich

Moods Jazz Association 2017

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Theo Croker — Трубач

Irwin Hall — Саксофонист

Liya Grigoryan — Пианистка

Eric Wheeler — Басс-гитарист

Dexter Hercules — Барабанщик

О программе

Throughout this concert at the Moods club in 2017, Theo Crocker shows his audience that he is not only an outstandingly brilliant trumpeter, but also a highly skilled composer. A Grammy and Echo Awards nominee, he also happens to be the son of Doc Cheatham. Here, he produces a concert of the highest calibre in very fine company.

The names of his fellow musicians prove testament to this group’s level of playing: Irwin Hall on saxophone, Lisa Grigoryan on keys, Eric Wheeler on bass, and Dexter Hercules on rhythm all perform at the top of their game. A funny anecdote about Irwin Hall - he discovered the saxophone at 9 years of age having won an alto sax at a school raffle. Who could’ve imagined the career trajectory of this musician after such a stroke of luck? 

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