Manu Dibango's Symphonic Safar Live in Paris

The Grand Rex 2019

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Ману Дибанго — Bandleader, саксофонист, singer

Julien Agazar — Пианист

Valérie Belinga — Singer

Claudio De Quieroz — Alto saxophonist

Raymond Doumbe — Басс-гитарист

François Essindi — Барабанщик

Isabel Gonzalez — Singer

Jonathan Handelsman — Tenor/baritone saxophonist

Yann Jankielewicz — Tenor/baritone saxophonist

Patrick Marie-Magdelaine — Гитарист

Gilles Miton — Tenor/baritone saxophonist

Guy Nwogang — Барабанщик

Xavier Sibre — Alto saxophonist

Marie Line Marolany — Singer

Manou Gallo — Басс-гитарист

Sallé John — Singer

О программе

Born at the foot of Mount Cameroon, Manu Dibango is arguably the man who popularized African music around the world. A big part of this push was his timeless track, “Soul Makossa.” Originally a b-side cut, the infectious riff spread far and wide, even being sampled by Michael Jackson on his hit “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin,’” though Manu famously didn’t receive a penny until much later via a public lawsuit. Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop The Music” also used the same sample and, once again, didn’t credit Dibango until much later. A towering musician but also an ever-positive personality, he always remained reticent on the details of these lawsuits and emphasized the incredible experiences the song brought his way.

Beyond Cameroon, it was France that nurtured Manu Dibango’s career – he moved there for schooling as a young boy and lived in Paris for the majority of his life. This fabulous concert took place in October 2019 at the Grand Rex venue in the city, marking a very special moment: he only lived a few months longer before passing due to Covid-19. The concert in question celebrated his six decade career in a ‘symphonic safari’ that turned out to be a glorious goodbye, including a cross-section of his staggering repertoire ... “Papa Groove,” “Douala Serenade” and, of course, “Soul Makossa,” the piece that changed the geometry of African music. RIP Manu.

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