North Sea Jazz Cruise episode 2: Mister Chameleon

North Sea Jazz Festival 2007

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Marcus Miller — Басс-гитарист

Херби Хэнкок — Пианист

Lionel Loueke — Гитарист

Roy Hargrove — Трубач

John Scofield — Гитарист

John Medeski — Пианист

Billy Martin — Гитарист

Chris Wood — Гитарист

David Sanborn — Саксофонист

Dj Logic

Poogie Bell — Барабанщик

О программе

Enjoy the second installment of this four part documentary titled North Sea Jazz Cruise, which takes place at the 2007 North Sea Jazz Festival and is dedicated to Herbie Hancock, nicknamed Mister Chameleon after one of his most famous tracks. The illustrious Marcus Miller takes us to school and unveils Hancock's musical genious. Miller, a stage companion of the great Miles Davis and one of the names behind jazz-rock and jazz fusion, also opens up on his experience as a musician.

In the 1960s, Herbie Hancock joins Miles Davis's second quintet, with which he learns all the skills that will allow him to revolutionize traditional jazz, no more than a decade later. Following a period of doubt, Hancock founds The HeadHunters in the 1970s, a band that now boasts some of the greatest commercial successes in the history of jazz. The virtuoso notably uses the group to reinterpret his own classic works with the energetic funk style of the day...

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