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Документальный фильм Эрика Легея о Мириам Гурфинк

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Мириам Гурфинк — Хореограф

О программе

Dance is all about the body. Choreographer Myriam Gourfink plunges us into her universe: she makes space and time her own and the build-up of tension has the audience trembling...

Following the choreographer, Myriam Gourfink, we can see her developing her new creation “Les Temps Tiraillés” (Time Torn). We follow her through her exploration of movement, in developing the choreography and in her unique physical preparation. Gradually, through words and dance, she enlightens us. How can you live a balanced life and offer the same to others? That is the uniqueness of the artist's approach. Through various performance – “Corbeau” (Crow), “Marine”, “Choisir le moment de la morsure” (Choosing the Moment to Bite), “Les temps tiraillés” (Time Torn) – we free ourselves from regular time to explore another time, the time of the prominence of the senses and sensuality...


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