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Тилеман, репетиция оперы «Женщина без тени»

Опера Рихарда Штрауса

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Кристоф Лой — Режиссёр-постановщик

Энн Швануилмс — Сопрано

Эвелин Герлициус — Сопрано

Микаэла Шустер — Меццо-сопрано

Стивен Гулд — Тенор

Wolfgang Koch — Баритон

Венский филармонический оркестр

Кристиан Тилеман — Дирижёр

О программе

At the Salzburg Festival in 2011, the Christian Thielemann reveals the secrets of repetitions Die Frau ohne Schatten Richard Strauss played by the Vienna Philharmonic, with staging by Christof Loy.

Richard Strauss composed Die Frau ohne Schatten on a libretto by the poet Hugo von Hofmannsthal and the premiere of the opera took place in Vienna in 1919.

The Empress, who agrees to marry the Emperor after being captured in the form of a gazelle, lives in human form but has no shadow, and can not have children. She has only three days to find a shadow or she will be plunged into the world of spirits, and the Emperor will be turned to stone.

This documentary sees Christian Thielemann's leadership the orchestra and chorus, and features comments from singers about their vocal interpretation of the text in this concert version.

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