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Документальный фильм об одном из лучших скрипичных мастеров в мире: Флориан Леонард

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Флориан Леонард — Основатель и директор Florian Leonhard Fine Violins

Леонидас Кавакос — Скрипач

Максим Венгеров — Скрипач

Монэ Хаттори — Скрипач

Шеку Канне-Мейсон — Виолончелист

О программе

For almost 300 years, violin-makers and experts have sought to uncover the secrets of Stradivarius. Why is it that these instruments are deemed to be impossible to replicate? Why is it seemingly impossible to crack the code?

World-renowned violin-maker and restorer Florian Leonhard has dedicated a lifetime to studying the craft of the legendary luthiers of 18th Century Italy. Now, his True Copy instruments are recognized by the leading violinists of today as exceptional true-to-life recreations of those made by the Old Italian Masters—not only in appearance, but also in successfully capturing the sound, colors, and feel of the original instrument.

Wright Music Management & Media’s documentary explores the fascinating journey of Florian Leonhard – from his early training at the famous Mittenwald School of Violin-Making to his time as Head of Restoration at W.E. Hill & Sons aged just 22, to the growth and development of his own company, Florian Leonhard Fine Violins. Featuring guest appearances from Leonidas Kavakos, Maxim Vengerov, Sheku Kanneh-Mason, and Moné Hattori.

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