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From New York to Paris, we follow the tracks of the father of repetitive music: Philip Glass.

2003: the composer Philip Glass is at home, amid the interesting disorder of his New York apartment.

1971: The same person, in the East Village, as his music is being played in lofts since traditional concert halls refuse to programme it.

In-between time, in 1976, an explosion, with the premiere in Avignon of Einstein on the Beach, the beginning of the worldwide success of repetitive music of which he is the natural father.

It is this man, who was subjected to public disparagement by the musical establishment and adulated by the underground, whom the cameras will follow during several months in 2003 – he was 66 – from New York to London, from Boston to Paris where he came to attend the lessons of Nadia Boulanger, when he was about twenty-five, after having studied at Juilliard School. The quiet life of a composer craftsman, far from scandals and hatred.


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