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Музыканты в Бразилии (II)

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Каэтано Велозо

Жильберту Жил

Хардс Макале

Хорхе Маутнер

Морено Велозо

О программе

When Moreno Veloso, son of Caetano Veloso was asked the almost stupid question "what is Brazilian music?" he replied by taking out his guitar and singing a bossa-nova song by Antonio Carlos Jobim. "That's Brazilian music," he said, putting down his guitar.

This documentary explores Brazilian music and its two great movements Bossanova and Tropicalismo that made Brazilian music travel all over the world from the Hollywood movies in the 60's to the heart of London in the 70's. From the bossanova period of Tom Jobim and Joao Gilberto to the years of the Brazilian dictatorship and the movement of Tropicalismo, up until today.

The documentary also aims to show how the above have influenced the new generation of musicians. The fathers of Tropicalismo, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Jards Macale, Jorge Mautner and Tom Ze, are part of the old generation of musicians and it's around their interviews that the narrative is built. We listen to their stories and music, whilst at the same time we notice at their concerts and recordings how much they are connected with their sons and daughters, the younger generation of musicians.

We see Caetano Veloso recording at his studio with a crew composed of his son Moreno and his friends. We also see Gilberto Gil at a big concert playing a duo with his son.


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