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In 1966, a BBC trainee directed Double Concerto, a documentary following the Londonian fortunes of two young soloists before, during, and after a performance of Mozart’s Concerto for Two Pianos. The names of these virtuosos? Daniel Barenboim and Vladimir Ashkenazy. The film director? Christopher Nupen, a pioneer of music on screen who, over half a century, went on to build one of the most impressive and important collections of video recordings in all of classical music. 

From Jacqueline du Pré to Andrés Segovia, and Evgeny Kissin to Daniil Trifonov, the visionary directed made ingenious use of the latest technologies to break the barrier between the audience and their classical idols, all the while offering the latter the space, freedom and respect needed for their genius to shine. His precise, emphatic and timeless cinematography inspired generations of new filmmakers, and in Matthew Percival’s Listening through the lens, it's his turn in front of the camera and his legacy that's on display. 


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