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Behind the Scenes at the Verbier Festival 2015

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"I can not think of a better project to be a part of than music. Which is really where humanity is at its best."

Joyce Didonato, the mezzo-soprano who has been proclaimed "perhaps the most potent female singer of her generation" by The New Yorker, who has been the winner of the 2012 Grammy Award for Best Classical Vocal Solo is on medici.tv! The Kansas-born artist tells us about her story and her commitment towards the young generation of musicians. One should not wait to pass on the pleasure of having music in his life. It is vital if we want these young musicians to pass on as well someday. To share the pleasure of music, one has to experience it. This this the way music should be handled!

Enter behind the scenes at the Verbier Festival 2015 – one of the most renowned festival of classical music in the world! Every year since 2011, medici.tv has accompanied the live webcasts with a selection of interviews shot with the best artists of our time. This year is no exception: with the Verbier Festival 2015 comes a collection of new interviews, all available on medici.tv!


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Год выхода: 2015
Продолжительность: 5 min
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