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Хосе Мартинес, благородный испанец в Пале Гарнье

Профили Балета звезд, танцовщики Парижского театра оперы и балета

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Хосе Мартинес

Бригитта Лефевр

Элизабет Платель

Гилен Тесмар

Жан-Клод Галотта

О программе

This short portrait follows the Étoile ballet dancer José Martinez in rehearsal at the Paris Opera House.

This film presents a captivating portrait of José Martinez, the sole Spanish star dancer of the National Opera of Paris. Martinez received his earliest training in the Bolero style of classical Spanish dance, and came to France while still in his teens to study classical dance at the Rosella Hightower Institute in Cannes. He soon distinguished himself in international competitions, notably in Lausanne, which earned him an invitation to join the National Opera of Paris.

José Martinez puts his spectacular physique (a tapered 1.89 meters, or 6'2") in the service of an original philosophy of dance which includes the great classics, including Swan Lake and La Bayadere, but also astonishing contemporary creations such as Nosferatu of Jean-Claude Gallotta, or the works of the Bolero School, such as Le Tricorne. He also enjoys improvising flamenco steps, complete with boots and castanets.

Martinez has a parallel career as a choreographer, and currently directs the performances of the Paris Opera Ballet School.

In this documentary, the viewer is privileged to watch Martinez' rehearsals, performances, and choreography, and to come to know the daily life and evolving aspirations of this most Iberian French star dancer.

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