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Jordi Savall, musician for peace

A musical reflection on conflict

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Jordi Savall is a man of many talents: first-class instrumentalist; artistic director with multiple areas of expertise; musicologist; conductor; advocate... Particularly enamoured with the viol de gamba and the vast repertoire it inspired, he has recorded countless masterworks from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, in addition to exploring their links to the musical traditions that came before them in Europe, Africa, the Americas, the Middle East, and Asia. In this documentary-concert, director Bejamin Bleton explores the insatiable curiosity and musical intelligence that have allowed Jordi Savall to bring together the world's diverse musics and cultures and to craft his life-affirming message of peace—his "musical reflection on conflict." 

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Бенджамин Блетон – Карл Мор
Год выхода: 2014
Продолжительность: 55 min
Компания: © Karl More Productions / CIMA
Разрешение: Full HD