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Джанин Янсен: Интервью

Фестиваль 2013 в Вербье – Уоллкаст

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Янин Янсен — Скрипачка

О программе

"My voice is through playing!" (Janine Jansen)

Janine Jansen met the medici team for an interview before entering the stage of the Salle des Combins to perform Bach's Concerto for two violins with Leonidas Kavakos. The violin virtuoso also performed a chamber music recital with pianist Itamar Golan.

Janine Jansen shares her feelings about being in Verbier, and playing with the Festival Orchestra. This interview is an occasion to discover the artist, as expressive and passionate as she is on stage!

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Тим Бургесс
Год выхода: 2013
Продолжительность: 4 min
Компания: © MUSEEC/
Разрешение: Full HD