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Leonidas Kavakos: Interview

Verbier Festival 2014

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Leonidas Kavakos has once again been invited to the Verbier Festival 2014. medici.tv met with the violin virtuoso

Following his victories at both the Sibelius and Paganini competitions in 1985 and 1988, Leonidas Kavakos quickly became one of the most sough-after violinists of the classical musical scene. At Verbier 2014, he played in a trio formation with cellist Clemens Hagen and Canadian pianist Marc-André Hamelin. He was also webcasted live with Daniil Trifonov, playing masterpieces of the violin and piano repertoire!

For you, he answered such questions as "How can we improve musical education," "The importance if learning from past composers," "How do you think past composers would be considered if still alive today?" etc.

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