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Кристоф Делюз, пианист и врач в одном лице

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Christoph Deluze

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Christoph Deluze used to be a pianist and then he became a doctor. He never wanted to choose between the two professions, so he split his life – and his week – in two, dividing it between patients and concerts or studio recordings. The details of his fascinating double life are just waiting to be delved into...

“ I live an almost monastic life and I’m sometimes racked with doubt ,” he tells Corinne Porter. Between his office in the city, and his piano in the countryside, Christoph Deluze must juggle his patients and his pieces.

There’s no rest for Dr. Deluze, an internationally renowned pianist. He could be compared to a top athlete when performing. But he's a doctor through and through when he talks about the calories he's burned and the pounds lost, especially when it comes to playing Prokofiev! This amazing and moving man, who is committed to two particularly demanding professions discusses his radical choices with touching sincerity.

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