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Кабалье, За пределами музыки

Сложный и страстный потрет женщины, которую можно описать только как миф

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Монсеррат Кабалье — Сопрано

О программе

A documentary feature film about one of the most important voices in history.

This film accompanies Montserrat Caballé on a trip through the most significant cities, historical performances and audio recordings of her life, including testimonies of those who, through a professional or personal relationship, can help us understanding Montserrat, the person and Caballé, the diva.

This film is a complex and passionate portrait of a woman who can only be described as a myth. Yet our objective is to get the truth which lies beyond the myth of this extraordinary performer – her sensitivity and vitality underscore her uncontested place as one of the greatest communicators of the Twentieth Century. The film unveils the human side of her personality as well as pay homage to her stunning career. Her ability to reach millions of devoted fans is not so much a result of her superb technical abilities and apparently limitless endurance, but mainly due to her ability to express her most sincere and deepest feelings. While a composer may have created a masterwork, it is up to the interpreter to communicate the composer's emotions to the public, to share their fears and moments of joy together.

It is only from a deep understanding of the human condition that one can move so many millions of people for as long as Montserrat Caballé has done.


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