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Решение Брукнера

Драматизация профессионального и личного кризиса

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At the age of 43, Anton Bruckner still has not yet developed his full musical genius. Although everything inside him is striving towards music he finds one excuse after another to turn away from his vocation. Having completed every imaginable course of study in music, he is now confronted with the decision of his life: should he go to Vienna and complete his work as a composer, or should he remain in his home town of Linz as a teacher and organist? The dramatization of a severe professional and personal crisis in the life of Anton Bruckner. This period of soul-searching makes his later symphonies all the more powerful.

Director Jan Schmidt-Garre's work is, like much of Bruckner's music, poetic and beautiful, with a sense of timelessness.

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