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Айхам Ахмад: пианист из Ярмука

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Ayham Ahmad — Пианист

О программе

Ayham Ahmad: The Pianist of Yarmouk tells the extraordinary story of a Syrian refugee who sings about the suffering of his country until his instrument is destroyed.

Accompanied by an old out-of-tune piano, Ayham Ahmad sings about immigration, hunger, and misery amidst the ruins of Damascus, Syria's capital. Threatened by Bashar al-Assad's regime and by ISIS, the "Piano Man" is forced to leave his country and takes refuge in Germany. His fate is shared by thousands of people—torn from their homes, stripped of their dreams, condemned to flee and build a new life.

This documentary won the Grand Prize of 2016 International Television Festival Golden Prague.

© Rami Al-Sayed


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