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Die Thomaner: Один год с хором мальчиков церкви Святого Фомы в Лейпциге

800-летие лейпцигского хора Святого Фомы

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Георг Кристоф Биллер — Хормейстер

О программе

In 2012, Leipzig's St. Thomas Boys Choir celebrated its 800th birthday. Despite (or perhaps because of) the weight of its eight centuries of existence, the choir continues to thrive, maintaining its time-honored traditions and continuing to attract admirers worldwide. These boys are quite literally world famous, touring America, Japan, and Australia, and celebrated like rock stars.

In a milestone worthy of their monumental anniversary, this full-length documentary film marks the choir’s first appearance on the silver screen. Collected of the course of a year, intimate portraits of the St. Thomas boys and their choirmaster Georg Christoph Biller are woven together into a reflective narrative on the choir, raising new questions about the time-honored ensemble. The audience is immersed in their unique world of motets, boarding school and football pitches, glimpsing into lives defined by success and failure, doubt and pride, homesickness and genuine friendship.

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