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Документальный фильм

365 дней в туре с Паоло Фрезу

Документальный фильм Роберто Минини Меро

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Paolo Fresu — Трубач

О программе

365 days spent on tour with trumpet player Paolo Fresu, following him in his various musical projects in different parts of the world. A compelling journey through a series of experiences which, though extremely diverse, always have something in common: music of course but, above all, an ongoing quest that often takes unforeseen and unforeseeable directions...

This is a film about Paolo Fresu and his musical world. It is an investigation of musical experience, seeking to discover and explain how a sound is born, and what experiences, characters, places, emotions and memories bring it – magically – to life. This is the portrait of a larger-than-life personality, an artist of international caliber, but above all the expression of an intense and all-embracing way of living one's great passion.

Больше информации

Roberto Minini Merot
Год выхода: 2013
Продолжительность: 1 h 40 min
Компания: © Myro Communications
Доступные субтитры: EN, ES, Fr
Разрешение: Full HD