The Ensemble Jupiter plays Vivaldi — With Anna Schivazappa and Thomas Dunford

Sablé-sur-Sarthe Baroque Festival 2019

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Anna Schivazappa — Mandolin

Ensemble Jupiter

Théotime Langlois de Swarte — Скрипач

Софи Де Бардоннэш — Скрипачка

Jérôme van Waerbeke — Альтист

Cyril Poulet — Виолончелист

Hugo Abraham — Контрабасист

Тома Дэнфор — Дирижер, lute

О программе

Priest, legendary violinist, and opera impresario—Antonio Vivaldi played all these roles and still found the time to compose a staggering number of concertos, of which over 500 survive today. If you know Vivaldi chiefly from his four most famous concerti—"Spring," "Summer," "Autumn," and "Winter"—this concert presents an unmissable opportunity to dive deeper into the enduring genius of the Italian master.

In the course of an expansive and effervescent program covering different moods and periods of Vivaldi's oeuvre, the enchanting soundscapes of Vivaldi's Venetian canals echo down the centuries in concerto showcases by virtuoso mandolinist Anna Schivazappa and lutenist Thomas Dunford. The young and dynamic Baroque specialists of the extraordinary Ensemble Jupiter, founded and directed by Dunford, revive the vivid and colorful landscapes that Antonio Lucio Vivaldi painted with ingenuity and inexhaustible creativity over three centuries ago, as stirring today as ever.

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