Петер Шрайер исполняет романсы Бетховена

Зал торжеств в Бад-Урахе

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Петер Шрайер — Тенор

Norman Shetler — Пианист

О программе

Peter Schreier, accompanied by Norman Shetler, presents a recital of Beethoven's Lieder at the Festhalle Bad Urach in 1987.

Peter Schreier is particularly well known for his interpretations of Lieder, German poems sung by a single voice. Trained as a member of the choir of Dresden's Kreuzkirche, he eventually became one of the most celebrated classical singers of East Germany. During the Cold War his talents enabled him to travel to the West on multiple occasions, performing at Covent Garden, la Scala, and even at the Metropolitan Opera. Over the course of his career he was honored time and again: in 1978, he was elected a member of Berlin's Academy of Arts, in 2009 he received the Bach Prize from the Royal Academy of Music, and in 2013 the Bach Medal from the city of Leipzig.

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