«Murder at the Symphony», дирижирует Сара Хикс

Датский национальный симфонический оркестр исполняет музыку из триллеров

Прямой эфир
Некоторые части этой программы в настоящее время недоступны


Kira Skov — Певец

Michael Møller — Певец

Кристин Нонбо Андерсен — Сопрано

Датский национальный симфонический оркестр

Сара Хикс — Дирижер

О программе

A murderer is on the loose at the concert hall! Get to the bottom of this orchestral whodunnit with lead investigator / conductor Sarah Hicks, who heads the Danish National Symphony Orchestra in an evening of music that will remind you of your favorite pulse-racing thrillers from the silver screen and your living room TV—beginning with one of the most horrifying scores in cinema history, Bernard Herrmann's masterful soundtrack for Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho!

Just as that film's infamous shower scene is inextricably and permanently linked in our collective imagination with Herrmann's frantic staccato strings, the works highlighted here do more than just accompany their onscreen thrills—they become an integral part of the experience. Relive the high-stakes drama of The Godfather through Nino Rota's epic score; follow Special Agent Dale Cooper to the singular town of Twin Peaks with the brilliantly atmospheric music of Angelo Badalamenti; and hone your powers of deduction with Hercule Poirot (Murder on the Orient Express), Sherlock Holmes, and Robert Langdon (The Da Vinci Code)!


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