Лукас Генюшас исполняет Этюды Шопена, Op. 10 и Op. 25

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Лукас Генюшас — Пианист

О программе

For classical pianists, the 24 Chopin Études are one of the holy grails of the repertoire. Like few other composers before or after, Chopin was able to compose exercises that double as brilliant, melodic showpieces, as delightful for listeners are they are rewarding for performers. Interpreting the entire Op. 10 and Op. 25 cycles in one sitting is akin to climbing a pianistic Mount Everest, opening and closing with thunderous arpeggios (Op. 10, No. 1 in C Major and the “Ocean” Étude Op. 25, No. 12) and passing through moments of great tenderness (Op. 10, No. 3 “Tristesse” and Op. 25, No. 1 “Aeolian Harp”) and terrifying virtuosity (like Op. 10, No. 4 and Op. 25, No. 11 “Winter Wind”).

As both the son and grandson of virtuoso pianists (father Petras Geniušas and grandmother Vera Gornostayeva), Russian-Lithuanian pianist Lukas Geniušas was born to take on a challenge like this one. The winner of a host of international prizes—including top honors at the Gina Bachauer Competition in Utah (2010) and second place finishes in the coveted Chopin Competition in Warsaw (2010) and Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow (2015)—Geniušas takes on these 24 piano gems with the technical precision and refined lyricism they require.

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