Нагано, Феллнер: Россини, Бетховен, Брукнер

Симфонический оркестр Монреаля

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Anton Bruckner described his Sixth Symphony as his boldest of all of them. Performed in its entirety only posthumously, under Gustav Mahler, it is known today especially for its scherzo, one of the most beautiful that Bruckner composed.

Kent Nagano also presents the overture from Rossini's William Tell, the composer's last opera and a great success in its time.

Till Fellner, "an accomplished pianist and penetrating musician" (New York Times), continues his complete reading of Beethoven. With performances of the 32 sonatas already behind him, he partners once more with the OSM and conductor Kent Nagano in a rendition of the Third Concerto, in a purely romantic dialogue between soloist and orchestra.

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