Исторический гид к оркестру Алексея Игудесмана и Хьюна ки Джо

Оркестр Тонхалле в Цюрихе

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Хьюн ки Джо — Актер
Оркестр Тонхалле в Цюрихе

О программе

Join two of the funniest classical musicians in the business for a time-travelling journey through the history of each and every instrument of the orchestra! Commissioned and premiered by the Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich for their 150th Anniversary Celebration Concert, this remarkable work is filled to the brim with original music highlighting the different instruments, fascinating historical factoids, and the hilarious antics of Igudesman and Joo. Learn the answers to intriguing questions like “what do mammoth bone and vulture wings have to do with flutes?”, “why were timpani played on horses?”, and even “why were cellos made fatter than violins just around the same time as chocolate was brought over to Europe from Mexico?”. A treat for music aficionados and music newbies alike!

“The fun­ni­est show on music and the life of musi­cians I have seen since the great Vic­tor Borge. I couldn’t stop cry­ing of laugh­ter for the whole evening. Go see these gifted musi­cians. What they show is life at its fun­ni­est side. It isn’t just enter­tain­ing, it is hilar­i­ous!” —Gidon Kremer, violinist

Photo: © Josef Brunner


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Friedrich Gatz,
Гётц Филениус
Место: Концертный зал в Цюрихе (Цюрих, Швейцария)
Год выхода: 2018
Продолжительность: 54 min
Разрешение: Full HD