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Лан Лан — Пианист

О программе

World-famous Chinese pianist Lang Lang had barely celebrated his 21st birthday at the time of his 2003 Carnegie Hall début recital. Watch the acclaimed star’s break out performance!

The young pianist from Shenyang, China first gained international attention for his performance of a Tchaikovsky piano concerto at the Ravinia Festival gala in 1999, when he replaced soloist André Watts at the last minute. With a flamboyant style and virtuosic technique, Lang Lang’s early performances quickly rocketed him to the top, and while his showmanship has sometimes led to mixed critical reception, he has since risen above those early antics to become a confirmed darling of the international classical music world.

Produced in 2004 by Deutsche Grammophon, this two-hour long film features masterful and engaging filmography, bringing audiences up close and personal with the pianist’s virtuosic and energetic performance of his legendary début concert.

Photo: Lang Lang © Yann Orhan

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