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Лирические таланты – Фестиваль в Сенте

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At the Festival de Saintes, Christophe Rousset and his Talens Lyriques perform Couperin's Les Nations.

Among French baroque music, chamber music is relatively unknown. And yet, the works constituting the repertoire are often as well-written as those by Vivaldi or Bach, and they are not always more difficult to understand. One of the best-known composer of the genre is François Couperin, brilliant harpsichordist who used to be a musician at the French court. His Nations are one of his non-religious masterpieces.

Christophe Rousset, founder of the Talens Lyriques, conducts from the harpsichord this work which he knows perfectly, and which he has notably performed in the past with Sir William Christie.

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